Design-Build Services

ADA guidelines and regulations do not apply to residential homes. Because ADA guidelines are only minimum requirements for commercial spaces and do not achieve the best fit for the masses.  Custom Joy will curate spaces to live more confidently and independently while GOING BEYOND ADA.


Home Renovation and Modifications

Let’s start transforming your spaces into joyful places. We begin the process with an interview and observation with you and your family within your home and walk you through our detailed process step-by-step. Our team will serve as an advocate for you within the construction space to ensure that you are receiving the home modifications that best serve you and your families individualized needs. Let us handle the nitty-gritty details so you can focus on yourself, your family, your job, etc., without all the stress of managing a construction project.

Phase 1: The Conceptual Design

Conceptual Design Packet consists of the following:

  Floor layout (not a rendering, final rendering is included in Phase II)

  Product and material recommendations

  Mood board for design and aesthetics

  Additional resources for this scope of work

Pricing: $1,000-$3,000

This payment is to be applied to the total cost of Phase II if Custom Joy completes the project.


Phase 2: Construction

– Following receiving bids for the project, proceed to Phase II if Custom Joy is chosen to complete the project.

– At start of Phase 2 a contract will be sent over with an invoice for a deposit.

– Then review the scope of the project with the team and client.

Additional measurements will then be taken as needed.

– We will then finalize all product and material selection based on budget and receive approval from the client.

  Final rendering of the space/project will then need to be approved by the client.

  We can now start demoing the space and complete the project!


Project management

Already have a contractor and want Custom Joy involved to assure all recommendations and details are attended to? No sweat! We partner with the client’s selected contractor and provide oversight on all the details and collaborate with teams for on-site problem-solving.


Based on $150/hourly fee on as needed basis for any questions or problem-solving at any point in time during the project.

Includes the following:

  • Review floor plans
  • Review a change order
  • Assist with final selection of materials
  • Electrical/plumbing walk-throughs
  • Basic interior design guidance such as furniture layout for optimal function and living, etc.


Custom Joy Academy

Check out our ever-growing bank of resources aimed to educate and equip you to be empowered to create your own joyful spaces.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Do you build custom homes?

Not yet. However, we work with you and your design-build team from the ground up, and if you still need a builder, no sweat! We do all the upfront screening and will present you with a few great interview options to achieve the best fit for you and your team. Our job is to eliminate the stress of all the decision-making so you can sit back and enjoy watching your dream home unfold.

Do you provide services in-person or virtually?

Both! We have worked with clients in several states and provide real estate guidance  and connections along with consultation services on remodeling and new construction projects both locally and nationally.

Do you take insurance?

Not at this time but it is in the works!. We currently take private pay and have also worked on grant and VA funded projects as well as with insurance companies by providing a letter of medical necessity.

Who is on your design-build team?

For simple bathroom projects, we have a small team of our own for the job. For larger projects, we bring in a trusted, 3rd-party architect and sub-contractors, yet no matter the size, our Custom Joy team will walk you through the entire process from beginning to end.

Do you comply with ADA guidelines?

ADA guidelines are simply minimum requirements for commercial spaces. Instead, we go BEYOND ADA to promote equitable use and create inclusive spaces for all abilities across the lifespan integrating the principles and goals of universal design. We ensure that you will NOT only maximize the function of your home, but also the value of your asset when it comes to re-sale. Our plans and recommendations are holistic in their approach!

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