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While we never intended to be “TV Stars,” we are grateful for the stakeholders interested in closing the gap in accessible housing. Custom Joy partnered with InkBlot Narratives and is working to fund Joyful Places, a series that follows former occupational therapists Gretchen Kingma (realtor) and Tiffany Dill (designer) as they find and renovate homes for people with disabilities and their families, a demographic set to explode as the Baby Boomer generation reaches old age. 

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You may not relate to having a disability now, but all of us — or someone we live with — will eventually experience some kind of age, accident, or health-related mobility issue. Our homes fail to reflect this reality…and their design actively excludes members of the disabled community, the only minority group you or your family could become a part of at any second. The potential audience for a series like Joyful Places is NOT niche. 67 million Americans live with a disability and 1 in 8 use some type of mobility device.

And what aging group comprises more than 80% of home ownership in the United States? Baby boomers, 85% of whom plan to stay put in their homes and communities. Every day 10,000 Baby Boomers turn 65. So odds are, if you or someone in your family isn’t someone who could already benefit from accessible home design…that day is coming fast.

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